村田機械の企業理念、ムラテック ロゴマークの




Continually Creating Innovative
Technologies for the Fulfillment of a
Prosperous Society

“Creating products that satisfy every need and please every customer.” It is easy to say, but making it happen requires two enormous strengths: the power to have flexible and innovative ideas and the power of technological know-how to realize those ideas. As a total manufacturer of factory and office automation systems, Murata Machinery is constantly engaged in creating new and innovative technologies.
Our corporate goal is to achieve a prosperous society and to satisfy our customers by providing the perfect product for every need.
Offering products to meet today’s needs and developing new products to exceed tomorrow’s expectations Murata Machinery is committed to maintaining its creative efforts.

logo concept


The Muratec brand is a product brand that serves as a testament to the reliability of Murata Machinery Group products and services. It is also a corporate brand that was established in 1991 as a means of visually conveying the Murata Machinery Group corporate philosophy and social re­spon­si­bi­l­ity.
The distinctive design of the Muratec brand logo features rep­re­sen­ta­tions of a person and a machine face-to-face and connected to each other inside the “M” in the logo.
It symbolizes the creation of new technologies, the provision of products that satisfy customers’ needs, and innovation that can help create a more prosperous society.